Hey there... Uh I'm Abu, yeah, not really that much of a talker, unless you interest me. I don't know if you know this or not, but going to Disney College sucks.. There's sooo many rules just sitting there, waiting for me to fuck around with.

Current M!A: None.


I told you to shut up. I’m going to take the tape off now. Keep quiet. 




           Vitani had nothing left in her after her brother’s death. She was just this shell walking around with nothing on the inside. These Games had destroyed everything she had left and now she was just angry. As she walked through the ruins of a town she saw something going on in an abandoned building. She slowly reached up, pulled an arrow from her quiver, and put up her bow in preparation for whatever was inside. The moment she opened the door she saw someone just sitting there with tape on their mouth. After assessing the situation she placed her bow onto the ground and knelt in front of him. Slowly and gently she removed the tape, keeping a wary eye of her surroundings.

           ”Are you okay?”


           When the door slowly opened up, the boy stuck in the chair’s eyes widened and he readied to panic, terrified that his tortures had returned to finish him off for good. But when an unfamiliar female stepped into the building and dropped her weapon, that fear quickly faded and a new thought popped into his mind. Whatever she was planning on doing, it scared him more than death itself. After all, he had no idea who she was and was expecting the girl to pull a gun or knife out to do the job. However, when she gently removed the tape from his mouth, Abu’s head instantly shaking away the pain the tap had caused him. Even if she had pulled it off slowly and carefully, it was like a good slap to the face.

           ”Are you here to finish me off?”


Yes. That must be it then. 



I’m sorry. I fuck everything up…