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Make it Worth It // NDC HG // Meg and Abu


Meg sat wide awake on watch, Jim and Flora passed out restlessly behind her. All she could think of was seeing Jack, almost killing Lilo, wanting to kill her still, and the hole in her heart that the whole situation left with her. She glanced over her shoulder, looking at Flora and sighed. Sure Meg couldn’t have her happy ever after, none of them would most likely, but that didn’t stop her from feeling bad. She could make this better, she could make something right for someone. With her lips set in a tight line, Meg stood up, brushing herself off before looking back at the sleeping two. It was the middle of the night and things had been quite recently, so she wasn’t too worried about people finding them, so without a word to either, Meg left their hideway, her head ducked low and her hands resting on the knives tied to her legs. 

She combed the streets, scaring off a few loners who, like her, dared to venture out into the darkness. “Abu. Abu!” she hissed, praying that the boy who would just as soon kill her, would be around some where and could hear her. She neared the part of town closest to the beach and walked slowly past the firestation. “Abu, damn it where are you?!” she growled, flinching against the noises she was hearing. 

For days, Abu had been on his own. Scraping for food, picking up everything he could and running from every bloodthirsty lunatic that came into sight. He wasn’t so much as afraid, as he was gutless. Given a weapon, and Abu wouldn’t bother to think twice if his life really did depend on killing somebody, but like others, he wasn’t out looking for a fight. Abu was doing his best to be strategic, to set up his own nest in town where he hoped nobody would ever bother to check. However, the good hideaways were taken and that meant that he was camping out on the beach, the only advantage being the height that he had up in the beaten lighthouse and whenever he wasn’t hiding, he was freaking out, keeping an eye out for the names that appeared to be dead, picking up anything useful and trying to locate Flora, even if he was still, in this messed up world, wasn’t sure what terms they were on.

During a run to the library for another bag, the boy who had nothing to protect himself tried to be as quick as he could. He planned on running across rooftops to grab some supplies before running right back unseen, but upon hearing his name in a snarl, doing just that didn’t seem like it was going to happen. Sure enough, he recognized the voice and after observing the woman from the roof, his eyes narrowed and his face scrunched up. Meg was going to kill him. He was sure of it. After all, he would have been terribly surprised if the apocalypse didn’t give her a reason to do so.

“Not here!” he called out, quickly moving away from the edge to hide from the female.

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Sober me was never really mad at you, Abu. Maybe disappointed and sad. Not angry. 



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Why can’t you?


Sober you would end up mad at me, and I’d be mad at me too..

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There’s a difference between me expecting you to do it and simply asking you if you could. 


I disagree.

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You know me? That’s funny. - I do! I feel super duper great! But my lips are cold. Would you mind kissing them warm?


Well that’s great, but I can’t… Because— I can’t. I’m sorry, they’re just gonna have to stay cold.

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The Name Game


May I try it? Abu, Abu, Bo Babu, Banana Fana Fo Fabu, Fee Fy Mo Mabu, Abu!

Sorry, I’m just in an awesome mood today. *laughs*

Why don’t you try doing yourself now?

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Why’s that?


I’m not a princess… 


Princesses expect people to drop what they’re doing to help them, so yeah.. I think you are.

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I don’t know exactly but I know that there’s been vodka and tequila and maybe some cuba libres. I’m not too sure though. That’s you. And me is Flora!


And you feel okay? —Yeah, yeah I know.

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